Team Development 

"I think it is fair to say over the years my team and I had become very sceptical of the value of team building events. However I received an outstanding vote of approval from all members of the team who attended this day. You managed to demonstrate the core values and essence of team work while providing an enjoyable environment for the experience."  IT Partner

The people in your organisation are its most valuable asset. You’ve worked hard to recruit the right people, invested in training and naturally, you want to develop and retain them. Commitment, role recognition and good communications between team members can take a group of individuals and, with Synergy, turn them into a formidable force. A force capable of being first across the line to lift the trophy, or winning that lucrative business contract.

Sailing is quite simply the most effective sport at facilitating Team Development.  It encompasses all the key ingredients of good teamwork: planning, motivation, delegation, leadership and communication. Time spent on board a yacht provides an invaluable means of
demonstrating the power of effective teamwork. And to ensure you benefit from positive and lasting change we have developed a range of innovative sailing and workshop/sailing based team building programmes. Not outlandish missions, we have focussed on delivering relevant programmes that add real value to your business with effective team development 

To download details click on Team Building on a sailing yacht. And for details of our innovative workshop/sailing based Management & Leadership Development Programme - Trayn4Synergy -  with Skills South East grant funding click on Gr8er Business Outcomes.

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